A Faith Inspired Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Faith-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating the tree, planning the dinner menu, and checking off those other Christmas to-do lists. Although everyone enjoys receiving gifts, finding the perfect gift for someone can be challenging, especially when trying to find the ideal option on a budget and with a Christian’s sense of flare. If you are looking for a gift that will not be soon forgotten, we have put together the ultimate Christmas holiday gift guide that will help you put a smile on someone’s face, as well as feed their faith all year-round.

Here is our annual Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect trinkets for the special women in your life:

  1. Faith Inspired Rings
  2. Faith Inspired Coffee Mugs
  3. Faith Inspired Wood-Framed Boards
  4. Faith Inspired Doormats
  5. Faith Blankets
  6. Cute Study Bible
  7. Cute Bible Purse
  8. Meal Delivery Subscriptions

Faith-Inspired Gift Ideas For Women

Faith-Inspired Gift Ideas For Women

In the world today, it’s arguably more important than ever to be rooted in faith so that the tumultuous storms of life don’t shake believers off their spiritual foundation. As Christian women, we often provide emotional and spiritual support to many people in our lives by reminding them of who they are in Jesus Christ. The best holiday gifts for Christian Women are ones that combine a token of love with a splash of faith. Let’s look at some of the better options.

1) Faith Inspired Rings

There’s an old (non-biblical) saying that if you like her, you should put a ring on it, or something like that. Even though this ring isn’t for a marriage proposal, what better way to show someone you care than by sending a ring that looks nice and can remind her of our Christian virtues. One of our favorite picks this year is a faith ring.

With most options coming in at a reasonable price point, faith rings are a good option because they combine jewelry, which many women love, and faith-inspired messaging that can help inspire them all day long. Regardless of the time of year, giving a faith ring as a gift is a perfect way to keep that special someone on your list reminded of the essential ingredients of life.

2) Faith Inspired Coffee Mugs

Next on our holiday gift guide is a faith-inspired coffee mug. Aside from reaching for the alarm clock, the first stop for many of us in the morning is to head immediately to the coffee pot to get our jolt of energy for the day. Instead of the woman in your life reaching for an old generic coffee mug, imagine each morning she sees a faith-inspired message that rejuvenates the spirit.

We love faith coffee mugs because they are inexpensive and always seem to deliver the right message unexpectantly when a person needs to hear it the most.

3) Faith Inspired Wood-Framed Boards

If you are like us here at BCW, having a piece of rustic or farmhouse-inspired artwork in the home or office seems to add some artistic pop to a room, regardless of other decor elements present.

There are now many fabulous options available online that inscribe some of the most inspiring verses from the Bible. In particular, we like this cute option because it provides a prescription of verses that someone can reference when things in life become overwhelming.

4) Faith Inspired Doormats

Sometimes it’s easy to move so fast that we forget that each day we have air in our lungs is a truly blessed day. However, instead of meditating on this, while going in and out of the house, much of our attention is often distracted while looking for our keys at the bottom of our purses.

Since we are often starring at the floor anyway while our hands probe the bottom of our handbags, a perfect holiday gift idea could be a floormat with a faith-inspired reminder.

5) Faith Blankets

During the colder winter months, who wouldn’t love to be literally wrapped in faith? We love a faith blanket as a budget-friendly gift item that will undoubtedly get a lot of usage over the years. The best part is that the blanket can bring comfort during difficult times and is a constant reminder of the spirit-inspiring words from the Bible.

6) Cute Study Bible

Even though we Christians love the Bible, it doesn’t mean we can’t finally have a cute one. Like many of us, our Bibles are 100 years old and is in need of a serious upgrade. If you are looking for a gift that many Christian women need but don’t know it, a super cute study Bible might just be the perfect go-to option. It also makes a great book to go on a coffee table, alongside other colorful reading periodicals.

7)  Cute Bible Purse

The phrase “taking the Lord with you” for most people means that you make a conscious effort to keep Jesus in your heart wherever you go. However, a neat holiday gift idea that incorporates both fashion and faith seamlessly allows you the opportunity to do just that. Next on our list is a cute Bible purse that is perfect for Sunday morning church service or Bible study.

8) Meal Delivery Subscriptions

Meal Delivery Subscription

Thinking a little outside of the box (pun intended), there are only a handful of better ways to show someone you care than to provide them with a good meal. However, nowadays, sending a warm casserole or dessert just doesn’t happen as frequently as you would like.

Fortunately, there are many fantastic meal delivery subscription services that will do the work for you by sending some mouth water dinners to that special woman in your life. A novel gift idea would be to purchase them a week or month’s worth of hand-picked meals so that with each bite, they will remember how much you care.

Inspire Faith For The Holidays

Faith Gifts That Remind Her of God's Love

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to remember to slow down and enjoy the people that God has put in our lives. While giving gifts are a good way to remind people that you care, during this time we should also meditate on the goodness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how far He has brought us this year. And even if you don’t end up spending money on a gift, a simple phone call or text reminding someone that they are a child of God is worth more than all the gold and silver in this world.

We hope our holiday gift guide has helped you generate a few new ideas to make your season a special one.