I Don’t Deserve This!

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I don’t deserve the constant complaining.
Complaining about what’s for dinner, what candy they want, what time they have to go to bed, when it’s time for a nap, when it’s time to wake-up, when they can’t watch cartoons or when I ask them to pick up their toys. 

I don’t deserve the whining.
Whining for more, whining for less, whining, whining, and whining.  all. the. time.

I don’t deserve the hitting.
The biting, the spitting, the throwing, and the stomping.

I don’t deserve the embarrassment of tantrums thrown in the store, in Church, in coffee shops, changing rooms and when leaving the McDonalds play place.
I don’t deserve the lack of please and thank you.
I don’t deserve late nights of cleaning up from a busy day, long hours of being up with one kid than the next. And I most certainly don’t deserve someone waking me up every morning asking for breakfast, asking to go potty, asking for cartoons. Asking. Asking. Asking. More. More. More. 

I don’t deserve this.


I don’t deserve any of this. 

The cuddle time on couches with blankets, popcorn and movies. 

The little hands that hang onto my leg when doing dishes just because they want to be near me.
The warmth that flows through me when they say, “I love you”. 

I don’t deserve the way they so graciously forgive me every time I snap and yell at them.

I don’t deserve the way my daughter compliments the way I look every morning even when I am wearing last night’s t-shirt, dirty sweatpants and I haven’t bothered to even brush my teeth yet.

I don’t deserve the hugs, the sweet kisses, or the way they run to me when they are hurt because the only thing that will soothe are my arms wrapped around them.

I don’t deserve their heart shaped lips and rosy cheeks when they are sick.
Their smiles, their hugs, their kisses, their grace, their forgiveness, their laughter. Their chubby feet and soft hands.

My day starting with them and ending with them.
I don’t deserve this.

Yet I have been given this. All of this… my cup overflows. 

Such an undeserved gift.

God has blessed me with all this and more. 

When I am tired he gives me strength. 

When I and weak his grace is sufficient and his power made perfect. 

And at the end of the day when dishes are stacked, toys cover the ground, peanut butter coats the table, play dough is embedded in the carpet and my mouth reeks with complaints, whining, nagging and selfishness? 

He quietly whispers to my heart. Sweet words of life, words of hope, words of grace.
And in the morning his mercies are new.

Oh Jesus, I do not deserve this. 

Thank you.

2 Corinthians 12:9 

Isaiah 40:29

About Sue
Sue Stearns is author of Crazy Tuesdays and blogger at www.crazytuesdays.org. She is a single mom who loves Jesus, loves her two kids, and loves to find the beauty and grace that is hidden within every mess.