It’s a Tough Job…

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It can be a thankless job.  

Sitting at your computer writing. Posting. Watching the number of hits creep up (or not creep up as the case may be).

Opening yourself up. Letting other people in. Sharing what is in your heart. Not knowing if anyone understands or even cares. Wondering if you have reached anyone. Touched anyone. Connected with anyone.

Am I the only one who struggles with this? Am I the only one who wonders if what I write is making a difference?

I know, I know it is not about the numbers. 
“Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God?  Or am I trying to please men?  If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

I don’t write for others. I write for God. I write to bring glory to Him, not to myself. This is a daily reminder for me. You see I am a words of affirmation girl. Say something nice to me and it will make my day. But God is not always a wordy God. He is not always overly generous with His praise (at least not in the way I want Him to be). It takes me being still, being quiet and sitting in His presence (things I am not always good at) to here Him speak to me. And when I am still, He does speak to me.  He encourages me and urges me to press on. He reminds me it is not about numbers but about bringing glory to Him, even if it is just between He and I.  

The thing is, I really, truly, honestly believe He wants me to write. I really believe He wants me to encourage others. I believe this is one of the ways He has gifted me. Perhaps you have this gift too.   

I also believe it takes faith to do this.  

It takes faith to put yourself out there. It takes faith to put words on the paper (or in this case the computer screen) and hit publish. It takes faith that what you are doing for God will ultimately bear fruit for God, not for you (or me) but for God! 

I recently heard someone say, “When our little bit of faith intercedes with His  faithfulness God shows up and does some amazing things in us and through us.”  (author unknown).

You see God is faithful. We are assured of that over and over again in Scripture. And when we act out in faith, God is faithful to answer that. His faithfulness will magnify our little bit of faith 100 times over.  

So I will keep sharing. I will keep putting myself out there. I will stop counting the number of hits and lean fully on God. I will have faith that He will accomplish a good work in me just like He has promised. I will write. I will have faith.

Will you?

It’s tough job…but somebodies got to do it!