Ministry – Where Do I Fit

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I remember something really profound from Bible school; the session was taught by Rev. Buddy Bell. What a jolly soul! He said God uses both the stars and the candles to light the world. What this meant is each person has a specific gift and place in the kingdom, and none is better than the other. Ministry is firstly service; Your duty as a Christian to the people of this world.

Finding Where You Fit in Ministry

Ministry was not meant to be something glamorous. In fact, that’s not the purpose of it at all! If God has you clean the church or if He has you as a car park attendant or even if you are in front line ministry or pulpit ministry, do it in excellence and for the His honour. Understand that it has nothing to do with the task assigned but the attitude in which you do the task.

This brings up a very simple but firm scripture (Luke 16:10) that speaks of being faithful with little. Where you are today is not necessarily where God will have you tomorrow. Hey, I started just by showing up and assisting at church before I was allowed to sing on the Praise team. You’ve got to start somewhere.

Another critical lesson I learnt is if there is something to be done don’t wait for someone else to do it. You do it! So the row you sit in during church was left untidy, perhaps people left bottles or something in the row. Hey! Pick it up, throw it away. Forget the persons hygienic practice, or whatever other thought you may have regarding this and do what needs to be done! Becoming a servant is so hard at times, but with patience, practice and most importantly the Holy Spirit I guarantee you are on the right track.

Now, guys, I do not mean, just do anything you want to whenever you want to do it. There is a protocol, and be mindful of that. Whatever you do, do so respectfully and with discernment. Don’t go stepping on anyone’s toes.

It is good to self-evaluate, while seeking the Lord. Find you! You know what I’ve learnt God wants to refine you. We are so often caught up in the mindset that he wants to change you completely. While there are a change and shift that takes place within you, remember that God created you; he made you a specific way. Why would He want to change that?

I came into the kingdom with certain talents. Singing was my talent, well at least one of them. I remember wondering ‘Lord what do you want me to do’ that question resonated in my heart for quite some time. One day it struck me, God wants to use my talent to bring honour and glory to His name. By evaluating yourself, you may realise what you have to offer to bring Glory to His precious name.

Always remember your place is to serve. That’s who we are called to be, servants just like Jesus. So many times we miss the mark, thinking it’s this big thing. Quite often it’s the simple, quiet things you do that allow you to fulfill your purpose in the earth. Ministry is your due service to God, and it is when you serve with a heart that’s in the right place you become effective. This is the groundbreaking, anointed people that we should be. It’s simple, serve! Service is your place, and your place is to serve!

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