Overcoming the Spirit of Pride

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Do you have fond memories of yourself as a child or teenager? Do you remember asking your parents for things that you thought for sure they would say “No”? Or do you remember asking for help when it came to challenging issues in your life?

I’m sure most times you heard the word no, and how did you feel after hearing that word “no“? Did you feel defeated? Did you say to yourself, “I won’t ask again, I will figure it out for myself’?

What about ever wanting something so bad in your life that you didn’t know how you were going to get it? You were afraid to ask your parents, friends, or spouse because you were afraid of the answer, “No.” It took forever to get up the courage to ask for what you wanted. But somehow those close to you just had this feeling that you wanted something and they were waiting for you to ask.

I remember being fifteen years old, and I recall telling myself that I couldn’t wait to get a job because I would never have to ask my parents for things that I could buy myself. I remember telling myself that I would never ask my parents for anything once I had a job.

Little did I know that mentality set me up for failure with being prideful and never asking anyone for help.

I set myself up to never be in a position where I had to ask my parents for anything because I did not want rejection. I did not want to hear the word “No, or not now, or I don’t have it.” That mentality has stayed with me my entire life.

What about asking for help?

We all know that, at times, asking for help can be difficult. Sometimes we feel that we can handle situations ourselves and without any help and, most importantly, God’s help. When everything begins to fall apart, we seek His help, but we are still unsure of what to ask.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”- Proverbs 16:18

I was recently in prayer, talking to God about how I was feeling, and I had the most challenging time asking for help, and even prayer. I began to cry out feeling lonely and forgotten. As I got quiet, I began to hear the Holy Spirit say to me,” Daughter, you still have pride within your heart.” I asked, “What do you mean”? The Holy Spirit began to tell me that your struggle with asking for help and prayer or anything is because of pride. You call it not wanting to “bother” people, but it is more than that. He began to remind me of my teen years and how difficult it was to ask my parents for help. God also revealed that it has also caused a bit of division between Him and myself because I struggle with asking for help.

“Your pride can bring you down. Humility will bring you honor” – Proverbs 29:23 (ERV).

At that moment, the Lord shifted my perspective. I was so concerned about why it was difficult asking for things and thought I was delivered from pride. God has his own way of showing us ourselves.

While reading this post, have you asked yourself if you too struggle with seeking help or asking God to do things in your life (Matthew 7:7-8)?

One of the hardest things to recognize in ourselves as Christians is our pride. We all know that pride is a sin, but pride can also be a crutch to us in every way. There is nothing easy about breaking the spirit of pride. God warns us continually throughout scripture of the dangers of pride. Facing our sinful pride is difficult. We must ask God to humble us and ask Him to search our hearts and reveal where we have allowed pride to takeover. We know that pride can destroy so many things, and it will delay your promise and keep you in bondage. It is a constant ongoing cycle. Walk-in knowing that God knows your heart, and He knows where you are. But it is up to you, to be honest with yourself (heart check) and with God on what remains within your heart. Our pride can keep us from God, so we must draw near to him so he can draw near to us.

Thankfully, Jesus is with us in every aspect of our lives. He knows how we operate. My prayer for us is that we continue to remove those things that are not of Him.

Melani is a mother, sister, daughter, friend, and a Christian blog writer who loves Jesus. She writes and manages for A Beyoutiful Flower, a blog that provides a sisterhood, speaks of transparency, faith, and love while remaining authentically yourself! She was born in Boston, MA, and lives in Atlanta, GA.