Prayers from the War Room

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“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” -Matthew 6:6 (NIV)

When my husband and l started apartment hunting last year, we asked God for a big space. Our previous place had been very small, so we were thrilled when God not only fulfilled our request, but He also gave us an additional room in the attic.

After we had moved in, every room in our new home was basically furnished – except the extra room. My husband Solomon was very eager to convert the space into a kind of tranquil man haven for himself, however, the room is only accessible through a small, steep spiral staircase that leads to an opening in the ceiling, making it difficult to lug furniture through.

Consequently, the empty room remained unused for months. Occasionally One-Ear, our pussycat, would wander up there to sleep for hours at a time. Apart from that, my husband and l had little reason to enter that room. It was a pity that we had asked God for extra space, yet we weren’t utilizing it.

Then a few months ago, l saw the 2015 movie “War Room”.

I was immediately drawn to the elderly character of Miss Clara, who had designated her closet as a praying space to God. She called it her “war room“. Miss Clara would kneel in front of her hand-written prayer requests, which pasted her walls and pray with unwavering faith. In her words, “In order to stand up and fight the enemy, you need to get on your knees and pray.”

We all have a battle to fight: fear, addiction, sickness, family dysfunction – just to name a few. My own battles are called depression and social anxiety.

However, with the authority given to us through the power of Jesus Christ, we can be victors over our battles.

Like a warrior becomes seasoned in combat through constant engagement with his mortal enemy, so we too can become prayer warriors like Miss Clara, mature in spiritual warfare through purposeful, heartfelt prayer.

After watching “War Room”, l wanted to do two things:

1. to be able to pray like Miss Clara

2. to set up my own war room

So, l went upstairs to our empty room, my faithful little One-Ear in tow, hung an unused picture frame on the wall and wrote down every problem I and my family were facing on Post-it notes and stuck them onto the frame. I also made a Moody List of all my friends and former colleagues who don’t know Jesus.

After that, l got on my knees in my new war room and started to pray like l have never prayed before.

I put on my spiritual armor and asked God to cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ. I praised and worshipped Him, giving thanks that He is my Rock, my Refuge, and the horn of my salvation. Then I submitted my life, my family and my friends to God and placed them all under His authority.

I addressed my problems, thanking God that their hold over me was broken in the name of Jesus. And, I stood in the gap for those that l knew and interceded on their behalf. I spoke God’s Word over my life and over those l knew. Finally, l just sat still and listened to His voice, knowing that He is God and that the battle belongs to Him.

Since that day, the war room has become my special meeting place to encounter God. Every time my knees touch the ground in prayer, I too become a warrior.

Answered Prayers

Prayers from the war room have transformed my family’s life profoundly: Solomon has found a new job, l have been given opportunities to write, and my mental health is improving. When God fulfills a prayer request, l take it off the picture frame to make room for a new one.

The war room has taught me to pray with conviction, perseverance, and confidence in God’s goodness. Talking to God has become a priority for me: it has helped me realize that prayer is getting me prepared to do His will, not asking Him to do mine.

As prayer warriors we need not brandish a sword, nor must we pull a trigger. Our power is more absolute, sanctified with the keys of Kingdom authority that can move mountains through faith and dedication.

All we need is a quiet space to call our own to bring out the warrior in us. Then we are unstoppable.


Wonderful Father, thank you that we can spend time with you in the quiet places. We answer your trumpet summons to warfare and believe that through the power of prayer that we can unlock the gates of heaven, releasing a flood of miracles and blessings in our lives. Amen!

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Madeline Twooney

Madeline Twooney is a Christian writer and blogger. She is British but grew up in Australia and now lives in Germany with her husband and their one-eared pussycat. Madeline has written articles for SheLoves, Converge, and Ruminate Magazine and is a contributing writer for, and YMI Magazine.