Pressing On

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No matter what we face in our day and no matter what situations come our way, it is important to press on and move forward.  In our lives, we can sometimes get stuck in the same mindset and worries of life.  We can get really discouraged at times and get our eyes off of what is truly important. I know this happens to me at times. It is in these times, we need to realize how much God truly loves us and how He will give us the strength to go on.
There have been times in my life I have felt really weary and tired.  It was in these times that God gave me the strength to live another day for Him, with passion and fervor for Him and His purposes.  It was also in these times that I realized God was with me.  He understood and knew exactly what I was going through.  I wanted to press on, not only because God wanted me to, but because I knew He had a plan in mind.
It is so important to press on because you never know how God can use our present situation later on to encourage and strengthen others.  God can take anything we go through and use it to affect and impact others lives for His glory.  Nothing is ever in vain with the Lord.  He uses it all for our good and the good of others.
Moving forward is not always easy, but it is so necessary.  God does not want us to be stagnate and not doing what He is truly calling us to do.  He wants us to move and be used in places to reach the hurting and heartbroken.  He wants to reach others through us, and this cannot be done if we do not move in His will and promptings.
We just need to realize whenever we are going through something difficult, where we feel like we cannot move forward, that God is for us and will help us all along the way.  He will never leave nor forsake us (See Hebrews 13:5).  He has a plan for us (See Jeremiah 29:11).  He loves us dearly (See Jeremiah 31:3).  With all the promises God gives us from His word, we can be encouraged and be able to press on no matter where we are and what we are going through.
God's Promises to never leave us
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