So Much to Give, Even With Little Time

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“Fly a Little Higher” by Laura Sobiech has been such an inspirational book to read. Laura speaks about her seventeen year old sons battle with cancer that eventually took his life. She speaks of the triumphs and tribulations they dealt with as a family and how Zach fought to show others that despite his illness he had so much left to give and would leave his trademark on the world, even in the face of his inevitable death. This story especially hit home for me because for three years I worked in hospice care. For those who might not know, hospice care is a medical care program for those who have a limited life expectancy due to a serious illness. Working in hospice care was quite eye opening for me. I went in to this job right after college as a new graduate…being exposed to these deep and sensitive moments in one’s life at a young age, was moving in all sorts of ways. There were days I cried, smiled and days where I felt sad or happy. I was humbled and honored to watch the families we cared for and their journey as they faced each day with bravery. Despite uncertainty they were able to overcome the most difficult of situations through prayer and trust. I often asked myself, would I have or show the same bravery as them if I were facing such a difficult circumstance? Would I be as strong as Zach? Our mortality as temporary beings on this earth is a very difficult thing to fathom. Although we know our heavenly Father awaits us with open loving arms…there is always fear in how passing in to the next life will be. Reading “Fly a Little Higher” and Zach’s Sobiech’s story, I remember how these individuals were such an inspiration, as Zach is and was. They (including Zach) have taught me how to approach life and my inevitable death…but most of all, how to live, but most importantly how to live life to the fullest.