Spirit of Truth Speaks – Are You Listening?

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Dear Treasured Believer,

Do you not know? 

That question lingers in the air and sets my heart seeking the truth. I need to go to the One who knows all.

I wake up early on a chilly morning and run to the Secret Place, settle down to pray:

  “Heavenly Father, help me. I don’t know how to answer your question. I don’t know what to do. Spirit of Truth, what do you want me to know?”

In the silence, Holy Scriptures come to mind and rest on my soul. The moment is so powerful and awash with wisdom that I need to put them down on paper – I must share them with you.

Spirit of Truth Speaks:

Do You Not Know?*

Do you not know that
Your bodies
Are members of
Christ Himself?

I AM the vine;
You are the branches,
If you remain in Me
I in you,
You will bear much fruit;
Apart from Me you can do nothing

Remain in Me
As I also
Remain in you.

Did not choose Me
I choose you…

I am in My Father
And you are in Me
And I am in you.

You are not your own;
You were bought at a price.

But he who unites himself
With the Lord
Is one with Him

Do You Not Know?

My Response to the Spirit of Truth:

In the silence, I feel the warmth of His presence and breathe a sigh of relief. The Spirit of Truth has spoken. It’s only four chapters and five verses and yet so powerful I can hardly contain it.  God holds mysteries in His hand, and when He releases them into our hearts, we are never the same again.

I understand, as believers, we’re given a measure of faith. Do I have enough faith to receive this truth?

The truth is the truth. If Spirit of Truth didn’t think we could handle it, he wouldn’t ask the questions or give us the answers we need. When tested and tried, will Father God find us courageous, authentic and holding fast to our enduring faith?

I don’t know, but I do know that when the Spirit of Truth speaks lives are changed.

Are You Listening

Reflective Response:

  1. Have you entered the Secret Place to just hear His voice?
  2. Does the Holy Bible ever seem to be asking you questions that nibble at your mind and disquiet your soul?
  3. What is the Spirit of Truth saying to you today?
Yours in Him,



  • Source 1 Corinthians 6:16, John 15:5 & 4a, John 15;16a, and 1 Corinthians 5:20a.



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