Are You Still Being Potty Trained? …Spiritually Speaking Of Course

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Yesterday I was talking with my husband and we thought we had done it, reached the ultimate parenting achievement, one parents of babies can only dream about… we had potty trained our kiddo! No more spending money on diapers! No more playing ‘nose-goes’ when we smell an unpleasant aroma. We had had 3 days of no accidents; not even a mad dash to the toilet because he couldn’t hold it anymore.

But today has been different. This kid will not shut off! He is having accident after accident. Thankfully the temporary house we are in has tile (we are in the beginning stages of another military move – for those who know military lingo, we PCS’d about a month ago and are still in TLF). He is acting like he has no clue what a potty is even used for. While cleaning up his 3rd oopsie of the day, I had a little talk with God. I asked Him to please speak to me through this; to entertain me with his reasoning for this. And let me tell you…He didn’t disappoint. This is what He revealed…

“Are you still being potty trained… Spiritually? What do I mean by that, Amanda? Hear me out.”

But wait, consider yourself warned. This post may not be for those who have never dealt with potty training before. Unless you know my struggle you may think I am crazy and that there is no way God is talking to me through pee pants. But hang with me and if nothing else…laugh! To all you mommies and daddies, caregivers, day care teachers, aunties, brothers and sisters, and all else who have had to clean up someone else’s pee or poo…

Some of us are still being spiritually potty trained. Let’s look at the life of a potty trainee:

spiritual potty training | Blogs by Christian Women1. They do not know what to do.

Some kids, when being trained, do not yet understand why these crazy things are happening. Why the are being held in a mad dash to the bathroom.  Why they are wearing these new sleek and less crinkly ‘diapers’.  Why this change is going on in their life or what to do.

Is this you? Do you see the world changing around you but don’t know how to keep up with it or how to fix it? Are you confused by the changes going on in your life and don’t like it? Is your whole world being turned upside down and don’t know why? Perhaps it’s time to embrace the potty and become trained…spiritually! All of the answers to life are found in God and in His word, the Bible. All confusion and care and worries can be cast to Him and you will receive peace and understanding in return. The Psalm below describes it perfectly…
“The opening of Your Word gives light. It gives understanding to the child-like.” Psalm 119:130

2. They are uncomfortable.

Ok, sitting in your pee pants must be uncomfortable. At times I was busy or my kiddo was playing and he relieved himself in his pants. He knew it was wrong because he would avoid me. He knew it was wrong, did the deed, and is now choosing to stay uncomfortable because he either:
A: Doesn’t wish to stop what he is doing. He is enjoying playing and doesn’t want to stop.

Sin can be enjoyable. We know it is wrong. It can eat at us sometimes and make us feel so uncomfortable but yet we can’t give it up for some reason. It has ahold of us and keeps us coming back.
B: Is embarrassed or worried about the consequences. We don’t spank our son because he had an accident but we let him know that next time he should go in the toilet. At this stage in the training he knows it is wrong to go in his pants and he gets upset when he does.

We know sin is wrong and we may get upset about it when we fall into it. We may feel disappointed in ourselves or angry, we may be embarrassed to admit it to God (or that He already knows). God knows we are going to sin and, much like a potty trainer, will always be there to wash you clean and provide encouragement. He will always be there for you.

3. They go through a rebellion stage.

Some kids will go through a rebellion stage where they refuse to wear underwear and use the potty. My son did. (It probably had something to do with his daddy deployment and our relocation).

Have you ever gone through a rebellion stage? Perhaps right now? You know what’s right but you refuse. You know you should go to church but you don’t. You know you should read your Bible but you don’t. You know you should not be watching that movie, say those words, overeat, yell at your kids, disrespect your spouse, take that drink, spend those 3 hours on facebook, be what it may…but you do it anyway.  I go through rebellion stages. I can’t help it. I am human. But I can tell you this. I pray everyday to be broken free from the bondage that sin has on me and with God we have the power to do so.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM!”2 Corinthians 3:17

Potty training is something every human goes through, much like sin. We are not perfect. We will have slips and pee in our pants every now and then…um, I mean sin every now and then. God is so gracious and patient with our ‘potty training’, so much more than I am with my son. But that is why God is so great. That is why He is the perfect Father!

While potty training my son, we have had many YAY! moments including hugs, high-fives, stickers, and skittles. Have you had any YAY! moments during your journey?

Share with me your potty training struggles and achievements!

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