Thanksgiving Prayer

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Our prayer for today:

Thank you, God.

The words seem so simply insignificant. We say “please” and “thank you” as we were taught since we were young. Yet this day we set aside, this feast before us, as a celebration of what you’ve done in our lives.

Thank you, Father,

For taking care of us. You have been there in every moment of our lives. Today may be hard. The world is awfully dark these days. Lives lost while injustice lives. Sickness burdens and many hunger.

Help us to turn our face towards you to see the beauty shining in the gray days.

It’s hard to see you in the moments of pain. So we can only pray for your peace to inhabit and justice to roll down. Enable us the courage to act, making the little steps to your big plans.

Thank you, God,

For our loved ones. You bring people into our lives to make an impact. Remind us of their importance and to hold them closer today. We run into people every day who have different stories from us. Help us to stop to listen to them and understand that we are all made uniquely for a reason.

We ask that you be with those who see an empty seat at the table. We grieve with those who are mourning.

Thank you, Father,

For your faithfulness. You are always with us. Help us to trust the plan you have set before us. No one knows what lies ahead so help us to rely on you during the times of doubt.

This food is before us because you have provided every morsel. You give us homes to protect us. You bring to us all that we need.

Thank you, God,

For loving us despite all we have done. For showing us what true unending love looks like so we may attempt to imitate your Son. Help us to show others this love in our actions and our words.

So we say thank you today as we should every day. For when we open our hands in gratitude we see glimpses of Glory. Thankfulness is your love language, oh let us rejoice. Amen.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    for his steadfast love endures forever! 

Psalm 118:1