The Faith-Walking Mum: Drawing the attention of God to your financial problem

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It was a Friday and a day before Christmas. I left home for the office with my head bent and heart motivation low.

My salary has not been paid for the past two months by my employer. That was a hard one for someone who is a widow and who has three growing kids. I looked at my children and wondered how I would produce some magic to make adequate provisions for them for Christmas.

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My wonderful Mum had told me this story on many occasions and I have always enjoyed the story every time she narrates it. I always enjoy the story because I am able to pick up useful wisdom on how parents can learn to take simple faith steps and how powerful the hand of God can work for them and their families.

Let me give my Mum the opportunity to continue her faith story.

“When I got to the office and observed that there was no hope of getting any form of financial support from my employer for the yuletide celebration, tears welled up in my eyes and I placed my head on my table and prayed to God. “

Let me come in here and tell you that my Mum was a non-Christian at this period. But having discovered that there was no help coming from any man or her employer, she had to turn her attention to God if, perhaps, He would be able to help.

Did God hear her prayer?

My Mum continues her story:

“I have never prayed to God the way I did that afternoon. The prayer was short and straightforward.”

I said, “God help me and my family and provide for us this Christmas period.”

“As If God was waiting for me to say this hotline of prayer, as I took my head up from my table and with my eyes still filled with hot waters, a colleague and a good friend walked into my office and was surprised and worried to see my eyes full of tears.”

What exactly did this God-sent figure do to help solve the problems of my Mum?

I want you to read on.The Faith Walking Mom

After I explained my situation, she told me she received a cash gift from a relative and she would be ready to share it with me. She immediately wrote a check for me and I rushed to the bank to cash it.”

Was that all God could do to a prayer said with faith?

The answer is no. God can always do more. Read on, please.

After I left the bank, it was almost thirty minutes to the end of the workday at the office. Immediately I returned to the office, one of my subordinates approached me and informed me that the management has been looking for me and that they, at the last hour, have decided to approve a small Christmas allowance for all staff.”

Was that the end of the story?

The answer again is no.

“Immediately I swung into action and coordinated the receipt and disbursement of the cash allowance to every staff member under my jurisdiction. After the disbursement, three of my subordinates came into my office and gave me cash gifts for the Christmas.”

God Rewards Faith Walks

God turned the money problem around for a mum within two hours after she strangely walked by faith to pray to God even though she was a non-Christian.

The bible says in Psalm25: 8 “God and upright is the Lord: Therefore He teaches sinners in the way. The humble He guides in justice. And the humble He teaches in His way”

If a non-Christian can draw God’s attention to her problem, then you can imagine what a Christian mum can do if she decides to walk with God by faith over her life and family.

The duty of a Christian is to keep walking by faith and keep living by faith. The just (the Christian) shall live by his faith. A Christian will find it difficult experiencing true Christian manifestation except he consistently hangs onto God with the faith ‘rope’.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.


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