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So, courage is on the agenda for this year in our home. I wanted to pick a word that had to do with being positive or looking on the bright side (I have a tendency to be negative and complain…a lot) but I couldn’t find one accurate enough to describe that. Courage, I think, can cover a lot of angles and circumstances. Courage to face new opportunities, a new day. Courage to see a good outcome. Courage to try even when I could fail. Courage to try another way than what I am used to. I think those can describe those first ideas.

I was reading in Numbers 13 about when God’s people were about to enter the promised land of Canaan. They were full of fear! But when we are courageous we live out our faith to the fullest. Faith in action. And when we fold over in fear and let it take us down we loose out on Gods blessings, like the Israelites! He leads us the way, shows us the positive outcome, but we need to do our part in the end. Take the first courageous step and follow through the rest of the journey in faith.

Lord help me to trust you in all life’s circumstances, trust that you know the whole picture and will guide me on when I am courageous enough to follow You. Amen.

Myself – to keep my mind focused I need constant encouragement in many forms, i.e. written words, motivational pictures, friends to lean on, to keep me encouraged to reach my goals. Here we go! Funny, but it just might help!

To be real honest and specific, I need to trust God that His outcome is better than what I can think up, what is comfortable for me, and stop trying to control everything (like choices that family members make).

Too much comfort in this life leads me to believe that I have it all under control.

I, most of the time, hate getting out of my comfort zone, and that can keep me real isolated, and in a position that doesn’t nurture growth. My first reaction is to comfort myself with food. I felt I could conquer that with loosing a bunch of weight. I want to believe that I can let my guard down and carry on in my own strength, and then I’m back sliding before I know it.

When things get hard it’s easy for me to think I’m a failure and God will punish me. But I need to believe, He is a merciful God. If my initial thoughts were true, when would the punishing ever really stop? Thank you Jesus that you died for the penalty of my sins!

Lastly I want to stop comparing myself to others. I believe in the back of my scared mind there is a totem pole and I need to never let my guard down because it might reveal I don’t measure up. This one never seems to lighten up.

That’s the nitty gritty of my daily struggles. But with the Lords help I can bring all these needs to him to be fulfilled, by having the courage to let go and trust the Lord to handle it all. 🙂

About Morgan

I’m an ever growing, God girl. Who’s in love with her honey of 18 years (married 13). We have a soon to be 13 year old daughter, 9 year old son, and 6 year old daughter. We recently moved to Western Canada, from some 3000 kms of Southern Quebec. Yay and Yeesh…more growing experiences! I’m a stay at home mom, who loves being thrifty, frugal, cheap whatever you want to call it. I love most things creative, and does baking count with that? Because I love baking and trying new recipes. I’ll also throw in here that I love my coffee in a hobby sort of way, I like reading and the outdoors.

Sharing my life’s experiences and growing experiences is something I am often sharing. I’m ruminating, and relating my issues in metaphorical ways constantly. I like to share my “Wow… I get what you are saying now, Lord!” moments, and share the joy of Gods revelations. Also mulling things over is easiest for me when I am typing. I even find ways to relate my latest recipe I share, to what the Lord is doing through and around me. God is so awesome to give us all individual personalities, so that we can learn so much from each other, and bless each other, to glorify Him. Connect with me online at .


  1. life lover says

    Right, its so easy to let the enemy fool us into playing it safe, its easier and feels right at first. Praise the Lord that he is so gracious in showing us the right way all the time!

  2. Wanda says

    Morgan, you are right courage can cover so many facets our lives. I tend to be one that over analyzes a situation so I often opt for staying in my little areas of comfort as well even thought God may be encouraging to push out from the shore. Appreciate you sharing.

  3. Olivia Migenes says

    Hi Morgan, in reading this I identified so much with things that I struggle with: wanting to stay in my comfort zone but learning that it does not nurture faith and trust in God. God has been leading me out of that especially when my logical self usually goes by what I see. God has been showing me that I have to lean and depend on His word to help my anxious thoughts. I’ve been mediating on verses dealing with trust as well such as Isaiah 26:4: trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, there is everlasting strength.

    In the Lord there is strength to celebrate others than compare; there is strength to be of good courage and not to fear because the Lord is with us.

    Thank you for being honest about what you struggle with and being vulnerable to the readers here 🙂

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