Use Your Gifts

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1 Peter 410


This verse found 1 Peter keeps running through my mind.  God has gifted each of us in our own unique way so that we might honor him.  We are told to use the gifts he has given us to serve others, to administer His grace to each other.  I must say, I just love this idea!

I had a conversation with my 12 year old daughter a few months ago about her faith walk.  We chose not to baptize our children as infants (no I am not proposing we debate the theology behind infant/believer baptism, I’m just giving you a frame of reference) and so I wanted to touch base with her about her faith, her thoughts on baptism, what she thought it meant and if she thought she might be ready.  She said something during that conversation that took my breath aways and months later still has me thinking.  She said she wasn’t sure if she was ready to be baptized or if she was really even a Christian because she had never heard the voice of God.   She had never heard a voice belonging to God audibly speak to her.  After I recovered from my surprise, I was quick to tell her all the different ways God talks to her, besides using his own audible voice.  I told her He uses His Word, the Bible, to speak to her every time she reads it. I told her He uses other people around her to speak for Him, He uses her dad, and me, and the youth staff at church.  I told her He uses (hopefully) other Christian friends in her life, and His Holy Spirit living inside her, whom she may not be able to “hear” but is there non-the-less, guiding her, nudging her, leading her.  I told her He uses people who write books and share their stories.  I told her He uses people who blog.  I told her He uses You.


The reader out there.

The one who has followed Blogs by Christian Women since we started and the one who just found us today.  The one who has graciously shared her story, her faith walk and her wisdom and the one who has been too scared to put herself out there.

You need to know that God is using You and your gift of writing to reach so many people.  He has given you this amazing gift and He wants you to use it to serve others, to administer His grace, to be His voice, to speak to someone who is just waiting to hear from Him.  This gift is not given for your glory but for His.

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So we invite you to do just that.  Use your gift.  Write.  Share your story, your journey, your wisdom with us.  Be God’s voice to someone who desperately needs to hear it.   If you’ve been thinking about submitting a guest post for while but just never done it, do it now.  If you’ve been wanting to write but are just waiting for God to give you just the right thing to write about, stop waiting, write what’s on your heart!  We want to hear from you, we want to serve others through your words, we want to administer God’s grace through the gift He has given you.

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At the top of our home page you will see a section called “write for us” click on it and it will walk you through how to submit a post to us online.  The form, the directions, everything you need is right there.  All you have to do is use the gift He gave you.