Valley of Fear

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When the pain of loss is deep within; the grief reaches down and grabs your soul. Gray skies, a sun without  rays, too weary to pray. Emptiness whispers silently in your ear, “Your heart’s gripped with fear”.

Look over the valley across the way, the friend you need is right on your

path, soon you will have joy maybe even laugh.

All you have to do is invite him into the depths of your being.

 Jesus will carry your burdens up the mountain, strengthen you

 to climb up this side of the pain. He will never leave you nor

forsake you. His love erasing the marks of anguish from your heart. In him

you can have a new start.

Rise above the darkness, dance in the rain.



About Shameeca

Shameeca Funderburk was born in Philadelphia, PA, as a child she became a ward of the state. Shameeca spent eight years in the Foster Care System. As a small child she was very advanced for her age. At age six she read at a sixth grade level, this is when her love for books began. In order to deal with her pain growing up as an orphan, she used writing as an escape. Throughout her life she has maintained her passion for writing. Shameeca worked as a promotional model for ten years, also worked as a 911 operator. She enjoys writing poetry that’s inspired by life. Shameeca is currently writing a poetry book titled Sentiments Misplaced: Poetry from the Heart. Look for this book in Amazon’s Kindle store soon. Connect with her via her blog, Shattered Hearts.