Verse by Verse [V.6]

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We’re excited about how hungry you are for the Word!
This is the 6th week of Verse by Verse. We’ll be continuing these challenges but in a new way.

Every other week we’ll post a new verse for memorization along with a background. Instead of having a separate post for a link-up, you may post any reflections below in the comments. Whether that’s just a couple sentences or a link to a blog post. We still want to hear from you and want to keep memorizing scripture!

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This weeks’ verse comes from Philippians 1:21. Paul’s words from jail to the church in Philipp.
For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

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What does this verse mean to you?


  1. Christine Malkemes says

    This is a powerful verse. As you memorize it, speak it out loud, touch your lips with the word of God and notice how your heart burns within you.

    “For to me” – this is personal, just between me and the living God
    “to live” – to live is what? live eternally or just for today?
    “to live is Christ” – without Christ the very breath I breathe is in Him. My heart beats to the rhythm of the Master. Can’t get any personal than that.
    “and to die” – Wooh! Wait a minute. We were talking about life. Now death. death to what? Yes Sir. Death to self that I may LIVE in you.
    “and to die is gain!” Yes! Yes! Yes! and amen! Now that self is put in her place I can live, breath and having my being in Christ.

    AWESOME! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to memorize this powerful verse.

  2. says

    Last night I was with a small group singing some spirituals and folk songs. These songs express such confidence about a world to come. Hope for a better future on earth and confidence of a better future in heaven. Modern thought has us very focused on the present time – make the world better now. But Paul gives us a balance here: “To live is Christ and to die is gain.” Both the present and the future are important.

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