The Virgin Mary

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What a glorious event the next two days brings. There are many things that create a sense of amazement when studying the story of how Christmas came to be. While infant Jesus is by far the biggest miracle of the season, Mary and her faithfulness came to mind the other Sunday while listening to the pastor at our church share the story of how the angel Gabriel came to her and the events that followed. Mary is a wonderful example of God using people of humble means to fulfill prophecy.

Mary was very poor. 

A young woman, probably 13 years old. 


Not connected. 

No social status. 

Mary may not have had much when it comes to material items or social status but she had a faith filled heart and allowed God to use her as he willed which show us a faith and trust that runs deeply.  I don’t know about you…but that is an outstanding testimony to the way our God works!

All of us at Blogs by Christian Women wish you a very very Merry Christmas!