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“Instead of shame, there will be a double portion. Instead of dishonor, they shall rejoice in their lot, therefore in their land, they shall process a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.” -Isaiah 61:7

When I first read this scripture, I was moved to the core of my being. In all my wrongs, all my regrets, all my failures, all my mistakes Jesus met me and gave me hope and this beautiful promise.

In the early morning before the sun rose, there I found myself searching this above verse and asking the hard question, what are You, My Jesus, saying to me today? However, my flesh wanted to run, hide, and cover myself for great fear of my world turning upside down. My flesh, you see, (the robber and thief that it is of the perfect relationship in God that the Lord has for me) hopes that I won’t change. And my own sense of control does not want to let go. Fear rises up and the wrestle begins between my flesh and my spirit. Can you relate?

Shame arises and attaches itself to the core of our being. It tries to keep us isolated and hidden from HIS truth, HIS grace, and love. Shame attempts to hide us in the darkness and prevent us from breathing or speaking. In times like this, we feel the suffocating fear of unworthiness. The walls can feel as if they are closing in. Have you ever experienced such a battleground between your flesh and spirit?

Then I hear Him whisper in the dark night, “Will you lay your burdens down? Will you listen to My truth? Are you willing to trust Me, to let yourself become healed and whole, to be fully ALIVE in Me?

Of course, the other option is for me to continue to hold tight with my fists clenched and hope that my life does not unravel so that I become undone, as it were. Do I let go of everything that my selfish soul has held on to, or do I allow the Great I Am to meet me? It is a fight to the death! My flesh wrestles and begs to run as the enemy of my soul tries to deceive me and rob me of HIS promise.

No Longer Ashamed

But, praise the Lord! Jesus, my Great Shepherd, suddenly burst forth and revealed that even as my heart was being broken (for my good), even right there My Comforter, My Peace, by the Holy Spirit showed up! As His Word in the scripture above revealed my brokenness and the lies I had been believing that had taken root in my heart, suddenly in a moment’s time they were plucked up by the roots, His truth rushed in, and I instantly saw what He said about shame. “Instead of shame, there will be a double portion.”

Hallelujah! There in my bucket of uncontrollable tears, all my failures were covered by the blood Jesus shed. I saw myself as being fully redeemed, and because of the Cross of Christ and His precious sacrifice, I became alive. My broken heart mended and I for once had a sure hope of a brighter future. My dried bones awakened, and I was alive – made new!

Will you exchange the lies that you have been believing for His truth this day?…right now? Lay your burdens down at His feet, surrender, let go of your clenched fists, and open your hands to HIS truth to heal your brokenness and redeem your life. Here in this sweet place, He promises ”Everlasting JOY.”

“Weeping may tarry for a night but joy comes with the morning” Psalm 30:5

“So also, you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” John 16:22

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94:19

Elizabeth Bowman
Elizabeth Bowman

Born on Valentine’s day, Elizabeth Bowman is on a mission to unlock women’s hearts so they can receive healing, restoration, and most of all come into a full understanding of God’s LOVE, VALUE, ACCEPTANCE and SECURITY.  Elizabeth is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor with a specialization in addiction and recovery.