When Peace Shatters into Pieces

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CREDIT: “Smashed Car Window” Photo by Net_Efekt: http://bit.ly/1sRQtbn, Text added with permission: Cheree Hayes
The day was shot before I could even change out of my pajamas.
Bad dreams.
A painful phone call.
A negative pregnancy test.
Some mornings you just want to go back to bed. Begin again.
We were on vacation to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family. We got to stay at one of my favorite places of all – a beach home called “Pax Pater” meaning Place of Peace. But here I was…peace-vacant.
Oh Jesus save.
With glossy eyes, I stepped downstairs still in my pajamas and began preparing breakfast. While I banged around looking for the right pot to cook some oatmeal, I noticed my two year old, Charis, banging around a glass votive from a candle display.
Before I could intervene, the votive shot off the table and shattered all over the ground.
Heavy heaving exhale.
My husband, was quick to respond. He cleaned up the mess while I moved all three of our kiddos to safety.
As soon as he turned off the vacuum, I tried to be positive, “Yea! Daddy saved the day!”
My three year old, DeCelie, looked at me curious…then with eyebrows furrowed, corrected me.
“No Mom, Daddy didn’t save the day…
‘cause Daddy is not the ‘Save the Day’…
Jesus saved the day.”
My husband and I looked up and locked in on each other, eyes wide and hearts leaping together.
“Yes. YES. Jesus saved the day!”
She smiled big and went back to her play.
Slowly I returned to stirring oatmeal with this new, toddler-sized title for God stirring in my heart: “The Save the Day.” Mmm, what a name!
When dreams go bad,
When relationships ring false,
When pregnancy tests dash hope…

These broken pieces scatter everywhere.

Who will save the day?

The doctor? 

The pastor?
A new this or that?
Likes on Facebook or blog statistics?
Or maybe the pantry, full of its numbing delicacies…
There is only One Savior.
Yes, we know…the Lord can and will use people and circumstances to come to our aid. He will send comfort, resources, wisdom and guidance. But when the day is shot down and the pieces scatter, we have to pause and ask ourselves…where do our hearts turn for rescue and assurance? Do we seek Christ first? When our peace shatters into pieces, do our hearts search for any other name? 

All other names are lower.

There is only One Name above all Names.
There is only One true, “Save the Day”

His name seeped down into my disappointment, fear and worry. His name, “Savior,” breathed over me, bringing life…delivering Peace – the Prince of Peace, strong and mighty to save.

I served the oatmeal and sat down to begin the day again.
To begin with the prayer I didn’t start with when the day began.

Yes, Jesus…Savior, You’re saving me in this day
Jesus, Savior, You are “the Save the Day”
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