Who Do You Say You Are?

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Who do you say you are?

Are you a mom? A wife? A sister? A daughter? A friend?
Are you a student? A career woman? A writer? Or just doing what you do until the next thing comes along?
Are you a free spirit? An organizer? A leader or a follower?

Often we find our identity in who we are, what we do, or how we describe ourselves. But that is not where our identity should be found.

More than a wife, mother, student, or writer you are a child of God, a daughter of the one true King. THAT is where your identity should be found, THAT is who you are.

Throughout the entire Bible, from Exodus to Revelations, the children of God are reminded of who they are and what they are to be. They are told over and over again to be holy; to speak, act, and live holy. They are told to be saints.

Honestly, I have never used the words “holy” or “saint” to describe myself. My actions, thoughts and words are too often FAR from holy. But as a daughter of the King, that is what I am called to be.

I am called to be holy.
I am called to be a saint.
So are you.

Does the life you are living now, the things you do, the shows you watch, the music you listen to, the books you read, the words you say and the way you serve, reflect the love of Christ? Are you holy?

For a long time I would have described myself this way; short-tempered, easily angered, poor self control, sharp tongue. This was who I was, this was how I identified myself. And as long as it was how I identified myself, it was who I was going to stay.

Once I began to re-think my identity, once I based who I was and how I was going to act on Christ and not on my faults, things started to change. They didn’t change overnight; they haven’t changed completely. Sometimes I still lose it. Sometimes I still yell. My mother’s day poem from my 10 year old said I was overwhelmed and tired (so much for shining God’s light!). But this is no longer where I place my identity. I am a child of God, a daughter of the King. I still make mistakes, but I am forgiven and I am on my way to being holy.

In order to change my behavior, I had to change my identity. You will become who you say you are.

So, who do you say you are?


  1. Leila Tualla-Martinez says

    This is very beautiful….. Like some women, I would describe my work first before who I am…..(ex-Nutritionist/recent stay at home mom) even though I know that I am a child of His and I whisper that to my baby at night. You are loved. You are a child of God…….(I often forget to listen to my own well intentioned self)…… thank you for the reminder today. I am His and I am DEFINITELY a work in progress 😉

  2. Kate Ladd says

    I used to say I am a single mother but I decided not to let someone elses shortcomings define me. I threw myself into my faith and said I am a Sunday School Teacher as my faith is the core of my being. But also I say I am Kate I’m like a rubix cube full of different colours but fun to work out given time and a bit of commitment 🙂 xx

  3. Rachel Wright says

    I am a very well loved daughter of God, I realize that now. I found that when you say “I AM” you become that, such as “I am depressed”, you make that part of your identity and it stays with you, until you learn to say I struggle with…then it is no longer a part of you. I have been learning this on a daily basis. Today I AM very blessed, loved by God and a strong woman.

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