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When Life Seems too Difficult…

I often listen to audio sermons while cleaning the house. I am able to get the many ‘necessary’ things done, while engaging my mind and furthering my understanding of spiritual matters. For the most part, this is a purely intellectual exercise – increasing my knowledge of scripture, but not really leading to transformative change. Since […]

Striving For Mind and Body Health

Do you want to feel well rested and happy to begin a new day when you wake up each morning? Do you wonder if your mind and body are getting the nutrition they require to function optimally and be at your best for yourself and your family? Ever wonder if there is anything to help […]

Set a Goal

Another new year brings another round of resolutions.   Many of which will be broken (or maybe broken already) and only a few of which will stick around, at least for a little while. Why do we bother? Why should we set a goal or make resolutions when the percentage of goals actually met is staggeringly low? […]

Organizing You – Creating an Amazing New Year

If I could just get organized I would… what’s completing your sentence? …I would use my time better. …I would really enjoy my home.  If I could just get organized, I would spend more time with God. If I could just get organized, I would be a happier person. The problem with this kind of […]