Archives for March 2015

Rat Race – The Search for Satisfaction

I have been convicted. While sitting in bible study, Betsy Corning, writer of Entrusted with A Child’s Heart shared a segment on “Wishing life Away.” In this case, the context was specific to motherhood. With the monotony and sometimes isolation of caring for babies fulltime, it’s easy to take for granted what you have right […]

Seasons of Faith

There is a song on Christian radio right now called “Beyond Me” by the artist Toby Mac. The opening lyrics go like this… Call it a reason to retreat I got some dreams that are bigger than me I might be outmatched, outsized, the underdog in the fight of my life Is it so crazy […]

My Purpose, My Joy

A while ago, I worried a bit about my lack of understanding of my purpose (…in God!). I wasn’t sure I was right in the center of God’s will for me and also uncertain if my life gave Him the utmost glory.  I had heard so many people talk about purpose in really complex conversations. […]