Lenita Reeves

I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto Book Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto by Lenita Reeves, written to empower readers with words to speak back to circumstances that make them feel like underdogs, and press against their purpose like 90-mile per hour winds. In Good Company We may be purpose underdogs. Even so, we are in good […]

How Moses was a Superhero and My Apron Makes Me One Too

“Mommy look, Moses has a cape and a glow stick—just like a superhero!” said my five-year-old son as we read a Bible story. I thought, “Yeah, I guess Moses could be a superhero. He did mighty acts through the power of God and rescued millions of people from pharaoh, an evil antagonist.” The Outward Marks […]