Thankful for Traditions: How to Create Your Own

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We have come to a very exciting part of the year; a time when one holiday kicks off another one.   For my family, we usually follow a routine.  Just when I think we need to spice things up a bit, one of my kids or young family members make an objection to the change.   This is a positive indication that what may be seen as a simple routine is actually a tradition.  Therefore, I have learned to be thankful for traditions that are being passed on.

Ephesians 5:20  Giving thanks always for everything to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. 

I come from a small family with just one sister.

So one big tradition is to meet up with our families during the holidays at our parents.  Another tradition includes going around the room before grace and each sharing one thing we are thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Of course,  food is a big part of the holidays and somehow the menu does not change much but the stories told around the table and the laughter that fills the room are priceless.

Naps after eating have become a tradition along with football games.  Board games are a routine and somehow, repeated winners have also become somewhat of a tradition.  My kids are older, but they never let me forget the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Creating Family Traditions

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings usually involve a tad bit of baking.  I have to be honest, I am not exactly the best cook in regards to traditional foods.   I do, however, have a place in the feast which usually involves baking pies.

A few years ago, I acquired a sweet potato pie recipe from a good friend of mine, and it happens to be one thing that I have mastered.  It is a key piece to our holiday celebrations, and it just may be my signature contribution.

These pies are a must.

Everyone knows they are coming,  and they have become a part of our holiday tradition. I have also tucked the recipe away for my children.  I think the key to any tradition is just to pass them along from one generation to another.

Tips for creating holiday traditions:

Create Family Traditions
Keep things simple.  Somehow the holidays have become all about the hustle and bustle.  Purposely slow down and make it a time of relaxation. Plan ahead and carve out some fun time.

Get the entire family involved.   When everyone has a part, it not only lightens the load, but it also makes everyone feel like a contributor in establishing traditions.

Clothe yourself with grace.   The holidays can be a difficult time, especially with family dynamics.  Remember to extend grace and patience to others.

Focus on making memories.  Thanksgiving and Christmas only come once a year.  Make it memorable by keeping the focus on the big picture which is to create memories.

Represent Christ.   Christ should be the center of our holidays.  We should spread His love and light to draw others to Him.


What about you?  What are some of your holiday traditions?


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