How to Find a Husband with God’s Help

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how to find a husbandRed rose petals strewn across a white marble floor, the sound of your stilettos, violinists playing the Bridal Chorus, the chocolate waterfall machine emitting heavenly scents . . . STOP!

What’s missing?

Oh yeah, you haven’t worked out the details on how to find a husband. While visions of sublime happiness revolve inside your head, the perfect man plays hide and seek with your heart. Certainly, this is the year when Mr. Right comes out of the shadows into your loving arms.

You’re close to giving up on marriage before you have a chance to say “I do.” But wait, don’t you hear God giving you prompts from the sidelines? He’s hand-picked a handsome, God-fearing man just for you.

Who does God have in mind to sweep you off your feet?

Wink. Is giddiness overtaking your senses as you think about your knight in shining armor? Hope so.

How to Find a Husband God Loves

  • Your God-approved man understands covenant relationships. He cherishes the Father’s love for His Son and Jesus’ love towards His Father. This sacrificial love steers a man’s heart toward a wife who stays vitally connected to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
  • A husband celebrates a woman’s spiritual strengths and her gifts don’t threaten him. A man full of wisdom identifies and enhances the gifts God places in her, rather than subdue them. Security at that level comes from knowing God.
  • He prefers a wife who trusts and seeks God’s counsel. A husband and wife glorify God in their marriage when both yield to directions from on high.
  • An honest and trustworthy man is genuine and authentic. He does what he says and makes restitution if he doesn’t.
  • He’s hard-working, diligent to complete tasks, works on goals, and develops discipline into his life.
  • Your future husband tears up when he sees someone less fortunate as compassion moves him to help others. He devotes his life to nourish those around him, including you.
  • He desires only you. Most times, men who objectify women don’t exhibit many of the Christian characteristics you’re looking for.

How to Find a Husband Who Loves God

  • Woman in wedding gown with her husband | Can God help you find your mate
  • God is first in all things. That means a man puts God before his wife and children. When he does that, everything else falls into place on behalf of everyone.
  • The man you prefer as a husband is obedient because he wants to please God. Sometimes obedience means he takes his family to the other side of the world. He’s not afraid to do what God says.
  • He cherishes his wife because He knows God feels the same way. Your future husband sees you as a jewel in his crown. You’ll be the “apple of his eye”.
  • He knows God loves prayer warriors who don’t mind entering His throne room, often. A faithful man of God covers his family and others in prayer.
  • Your man won’t be perfect but there’s no fluff and pretension about him because He knows God doesn’t like fakes. He sees himself as God’s servant.
  • A Godly man fills his heart with God’s words. Listen carefully to what a suitor says comparing his words to Ephesians 4:29. “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Even though you’re one step closer to finding a husband with God’s help, maybe you still have questions? Such as, “Will we argue” or “How do we live in harmony as a couple?”

How to Find a Husband and Unity

Don’t kid yourself. Differences of opinion happen in the best marriages. You have different views on a variety of subjects simply because you’re both unique. What’s important from the get-go is that you hold the same Christian core values. A few variances might exist, but they won’t be deal breakers.

You’ll be able to survive bad hair days (maybe for weeks) or boredom from routine tasks. The two of you stand on solid ground because your Christian beliefs anchor you as one. So if familiarity starts to breed contempt or satan tries to drive a wedge between you, you’ll quickly stand together as saints of the Most High God.

It’s helpful to memorize Psalm 149:5-6. “Let the godly ones exult in glory. Let them sing for joy on their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their throats, and a two-edged sword in their hands.”

Couples that praise God often and keep scripture in their hearts are equipped to face life head-on, in one accord.

how to find a husband

In Conclusion

Now that you know God’s game plan on how to find a husband, simply follow the dreamy path towards matrimony. The one filled with . . .  Victorian lace, white chiffon fabric, Baby’s-breath tucked behind your ear, wedding bells, and your mother’s cultured pearls.

Keep this detail in mind. A Godly man looks for similar traits in you. So while you wait on the man of your dreams, work on your bucket list of attributes to become a woman any Christian man would marry.

Betsy writes for JESUS because of "Everyday Life with HIM" without pew-warming stuffiness or religious garble. She's an encourager at heart with a mission to draw others to Christ.