Archives for March 2018

Joy Stealers

  How many of us let the repetition of life steal our joy? We are just trying to get through the day. We are constantly in a rush. There is the stress of being a parent, being a wife, working, finances, trying to keep up with a household, that can all be overwhelming. Then, we […]

Maybe I Should Stop Wine-ing

I am giving up wine for Lent. And maybe longer. I am more curious than convicted in this decision. Two significant conversations collided into my world uninvited the past few months that compelled me to consider my wine-ing. Encounter #1 At a Christmas open house, a spunky millennial gal I casually know started a conversation […]

Are You Fired Up About Christian Spiritual Growth?

Christian spiritual growth. Do those three words leap from your heart or cause you to step back? Maybe everyday life keeps you from thinking about where you stand on spirituality or for that matter Christianity. Is your spiritual condition hidden underground but ready to spring forth into the light with the daffodils and crocuses? Or, […]

Filling The Gaps Of Faith

Years ago my friends and I were driving south on PCH in Calfornia. We were on spring break from college and driving from San Francisco to LA. We planned our trip to sightsee, and this particular night our destination was the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, and we were on the stretch of PCH […]