Filling The Gaps Of Faith

Years ago my friends and I were driving south on PCH in Calfornia. We were on spring break from college and driving from San Francisco to LA. We planned our trip to sightsee, and this particular night our destination was the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, and we were on the stretch of PCH […]

Should We Trust People When They Betray Us?

Trust is an unusual companion—it’s your buddy one minute and adversary the next. I’ll be sitting quietly on a porch swing admiring the picket fence with a puppy at my heels. Then someone blindsides me and betrays the confidence I had in them. That glorious feeling of contentment fades from view as my heart sinks […]

Where’s Your Tree At?

I love willow trees.  There’s something about them that seem so inviting and cozy.  I’m sure it’s the hanging branches that look perfect to lay underneath and take a nap…or have a picnic.  Regardless of their function, they’re beautiful and charming.  And I love them. Years ago, when we moved into our house, I desperately […]

Trusting God With Your Future

Hello lovely ladies, my name is Joanny and I blog over at I am just an ordinary girl studying Biomedical Science at the university and I love Jesus, journalling, stationery, chocolate and everything inspirational. I am a newbie to this community but I have been greatly encouraged by reading all the posts that have been […]