Sarah Callen

Why Don’t We Celebrate Singleness?

Do memories from the past ever randomly resurface? The other day, while I was washing the dishes, an encounter came to my mind. When I left home for college, nearly 10 years ago, the last thing that my pastor told me was “I have a man picked out for you. He’s not ready yet, but […]

What Are You Passing On?

I recently wrote in a blog post: “What we don’t handle today, will need to be dealt with in the future.” And I have not been able to get this phrase out of my head since. We see this played out in many characters throughout the Bible like David and Solomon. We see this in […]

A New Appreciation for Adam and Eve

I really enjoy putting myself into Bible stories. I believe that so much can be gleaned about who we are and who God is when we put ourselves into a particular scene and watch it play out. If we understand what these people might have been thinking or feeling or imagine how we might have […]

Separate But Together

Pre-coronavirus, I went grocery shopping once a week, but once this virus began spreading through the nation and my state, I dialed it back to once every two weeks to limit the number of times I had to leave my home. I go to the same grocery store at the same time like clockwork; I […]

Combatting Shame’s Lies in Daily Decisions

I was a teacher for a few years, back in my early twenties. I would be with the pre-schoolers in the morning and in the afternoon would have ages 3-11 all in the same room for after-school care. One of my favorite things about that time in the afternoon was sitting with the older students […]