What Are You Passing On?

I recently wrote in a blog post: “What we don’t handle today, will need to be dealt with in the future.” And I have not been able to get this phrase out of my head since. We see this played out in many characters throughout the Bible like David and Solomon. We see this in […]

How to Protect Your Marriage against Internet Infidelity

Should you accept every friend request? The internet is a great way to read the news, share ideas, and reconnect with friends. But, what happens when a friend request turns into an emotional or physical affair? Statistics show that infidelity in marriage via the internet is a common factor in divorce, with Facebook and other […]

For the Single and Discouraged

What happens when you feel stuck in the insecurity and loneliness that comes with living a single life? What do you do when rejection gets in the way of truly giving yourself to God? In her book, Savoring Single, Shelley Black points toward biblical truths that pull you out of discouragement and propel you into living […]