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When love isn't all roses


Sometimes words land heavy as they speak sharp truth, and I wrestle with how they touch the deepest part of me. I want them to

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Trusting God when your heart has been wounded

Why Me, God?

Is your life like mine, marked by too many sad stories, too many bad choices? Does your heart look like someone is using it for

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God's great engaging love

Engaging Love

Love has existed way before the foundations of the earth, before God carefully knitted you together, before the sun and the moon, even before the

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Embracing Our Differences as Women

Leading With Rejection

My mother was the youngest one of two older sisters who wrongfully despised her because of the differences she possessed. She was despised among her

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BCW Christmas Blog Tour 2016

Christmas Blog Tour–Day 2

Welcome back sister friends to our 2016 Holiday Blogger Showcase, where we crisscross the Internet and meet blogging sisters at their virtual residence. Day 2

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