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Verse by Verse [V.10]

How are you doing on these challenges? This is the 10th week of Verse by Verse. Here’s how it goes: Once a month we’ll post a

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The God Who See Us

You Are Not Invisible

The last few weeks have been extra full of doctor appointments for us. That has meant lots of driving, lots of waiting, and lots of

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Love Beyond Limits

There’s something so very wonderful about God’s love. It reaches beyond all the restrictions of the human mind that cause people to close doors to

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Isaiah 43:19

I Dare You

  When I look up the definition of surrender I find words like:  yield, abandon, give up oneself. Scary words to someone whose nature is

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Summer is over.  The school year has started.  My house is quiet, too quiet if you ask me.   I am left alone with time to

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Pressing On

No matter what we face in our day and no matter what situations come our way, it is important to press on and move forward.

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Verse by Verse 9

Verse by Verse [V.9]

This is the 9th Verse by Verse. Here’s how it works: Every other week we’ll post a new verse with a background. The point of

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